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Carriercomp order


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I ordered a magazine extension tube around February 1st and have been extremely patient until now. I just saw my bank account and see that I just got charged for it, and now I can't contain my excitement. AAHHHHHH! Who is in the same boat as I am? :cool:

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I am in the same boat, don't get too excited, apparently you didn't read their website too closely:




You are charged up front and therefore "own" the tube while they finish fabrication in order to avoid any issues with rapidly changing laws. I ordered in January, I exchanged emails with them recently, here is the most pertinent part:


On Fri, Mar 8, 2013 at 7:26 AM, kip carrier wrote:


Dear Rich,


..... It turns out the 2 to 3 month production time estimated for orders placed in December and January is going to end up being 3 to 4 months instead. ...


So, based on when you placed your order, you are looking at another 2-3 month wait I would imagine.

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I placed my order in late December and still waiting. I'm hoping its here by April!


Me too, let us know when it arrives so I can start anticipiating mine...




Oh OK, back to extreme patience mode. I went to get my heat gun and everything else so I am ready to go when it gets here.


Yep, sorry about that, I figure I have a couple of months to pull together my tools...



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