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  1. I'll buy it from you since it isn't worth it, send me a PM with payment details.
  2. Sure, but "2 stamps in (sic) a poly envelope" won't protect you against credit card chargebacks or provide any assurance your customer received the product. Also, "2 stamps" won't hardly mail anything in a poly envelope, bubble envelope, etc. these days unless you have dollar stamps.
  3. If that is towards me, I believe I am cutting them quite a bit of slack, I was originally told it would be three months, it has now been six months and looks like seven months is the current estimate. I posted so that others like me can potentially gauge their situation without necessarily having to bother Carrier Comp to receive the same information. I personally appreciated those that were providing their updates.
  4. As I previously noted, I ordered mine January 20th and hadn't seen it yet. So I contacted Carrier Comp and received the following: Looks like I still have a few weeks to wait, hard to believe a one week difference in ordering is resulting in a five to six week difference in delivery but I guess when you receive 100s of orders in one month...
  5. Thanks for the update, mine shouldn't be too long now...
  6. I ordered January 20th, I hope to see it in a similar time frame, please keep us updated.
  7. Not sure I am buying that based on following the kickstarter campaign from start to finish. I have three of the IO covers.
  8. Everyone was charged within 30 days to effectively cover transfer of ownership (more can be read about this on their website I believe).
  9. Sorry about that, I had M4 on the brain and overlooked the M2 Tactical.
  10. And I was able to cycle Fiocchi Low Recoil 00 2 3/4" shells in my M4 during the first 25 rounds, so were two of my friends.
  11. Appreciate the update, I ordered in January so I am hoping I see my tube in June.
  12. Sure, one of my local gun shops where I bought my M4 has basically been doing the "H2O" version of the M4 for a few years directly with Robar. Rumor at their shop is the reason Benelli started doing the H2O is that Robar told Benelli what they were doing for this particular gun shop and Benelli ran with the idea (albeit not too successfully when the BATF stepped in).
  13. Well what did they say about it? Is it a QC issue or is it designed that way? If QC, are they going to do something about it?
  14. I answered this for you about a month ago the last time you asked: http://www.benelliusa.com/forum/showthread.php/28458-Charging-Handle-FFT-vs-CarrierComp?p=177363#post177363
  15. I don't plan to add a side saddle and rail. The light I have is one of the lightest ones available as it my red dot and that is all that adorns my M4. IMO, the M4 is plenty heavy, adding all the rounds only exacerbates the problem, I'll take weight savings where I can get it, particularly the further away from my body. To each their own. I just checked two sites for the DMW, looks like it was out of stock as well.
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