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M1 Super 90 conversion for three gun

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I am located in Southern California. I am looking for a gunsmith to modify it for 3 gun. Triangle Shooting Sports and Accurate Iron seem to busy for new customers. Any ideas?

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What M1S90 version do you have? How do you want it modified? Most everything that folks do to make their shotgun useable for 3-gun you can do yourself. Extended magazine. Yep. Shorter barrel, although not absolutely necessary, can be had, for a price. Larger bolt release button. Nice to have. Not mandatory. All the wiz-bang stuff, i.e., machined, lighter bolt, carrier modification, etc. are nice but not necessary. I've seen guys shoot 3-gun with their camo field guns and do just as well as some with all the mods. Also, take a look at Taran Tactical http://tarantacticalinnovations.com/ Wheaton http://www.wheatonarms.com/benelli-3-gun-package.html C-Rums http://www.c-rums.com/

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