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Montefeltro 20g and Supersport w/ Comfortech


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Hey boys,


New on here but long time lurker. I just bought a Monte. Short Stock 20g for the wife and I bought myself the Supersport w/ Comfortech. I read on here a lot about break-in.


The guns are not here yet so I have not read the instructions. I do however have a few questions. Thanks for any help.


1. Do I or should I use heavy loads in both guns for break in like I hear for the SBEII? If so what are good break in loads for the 20g?


2. Since we are only using these for Sporting Clays and no hunting is it necessary to use something like Turkey loads?


3. I have read a lot about taking apart guns and cleaning and re-lubing them from the factory. I am interesting in trying Nu Gun from Gunslick to clean them up and then use the Benelli oil supplied for the lubrication. I like the Gunslick stuff from what I have read and want to use that stuff for my cleaning needs.


Any thoughts? Thanks for the answers or advice. Super new to this and feel like these may be dumb questions but I had to ask.



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I've broke all my 12ga Benelli's in with 1 1/8oz target loads and my 20ga in with 7/8oz target loads and haven't had any problems. I would take the guns out and shoot them with target loads and if you experience problems then run a box or two of heavy hunting loads through and see if that solves the problems. As for cleaning a new shot gun first I usually run a bore snake through the barrel to get any lube from the factory out and then take it out and run a couple of hundred rounds through it before I strip it down. I don't know much about the Gunslick but I do use the suppied Benelli oil on the action and it works great, even when the temps are way down there.

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Shot 150 rounds of 1 oz. loads from my Supersport 12 gauge today at the PG County Skeet and Trap Range in Maryland. Have probably shot 300-400 rounds to date, both 1 1/8 and 1 oz loads and haven't had any problems. I guess some people would consider this a "break in period" but I just go out and shoot. I may think about cleaning it soon but to be honest it looks as clean as the day I bought it. And that's one of the reasons I bought it was that it shoots so clean. Lube it? Not yet but I'll do that when I clean it.

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