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M2 for deer hunting, which one???????????????????????????


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I want the ghost ring sights on a rifled barrel M2, but this is not made by Benelli. I really like the feel of the pistol grip stock on a M2 tactical 18" barrel but I loose out on benefits of a rifled barrel. Maybe a M2 with ghost ring sights, pistol grip, 18 inch barrel, chokes, and buy a rifled choke tube........this will add about 6 inches to the barrel length making the 18" barrel to 24" which is the length of a rifled barrel. Down side is I have to use low recoil sabot slugs or low velocity sabots in the M2 in order for rifled choke tubes rifling to grab and impart spin on the sabot. I think a muzzle velocity of around 1200 feet per second or less is the goal here.

My first plan was the comfort tec stock but again no ghost rings sights avaible.

The plus side is, if one does this with pistol grip stock and rifled choke tube, lower recoil slug ammo has to be used for accuracy so the comfort tec stock plan may not be required. As for long range accuracy with a slug compard to a fully rifled barrel I will miss out on some distance due to slower slug velocity.

Any thoughts here???????

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