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Full choke??


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I just got my first 12 gauge. After careful research I went with the SuperNovi tactical with pistol grip. This come with a fixed cylinder choke, not sure what that means, can anyone clue me in?? Thanks, also looking for a mag extension so I can be able to add 2 more rounds instead of the 4 the mag holds. Thanks all

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Though I'm not familiar with that particular model and am not an expert, I will try to explain some basics. If it has a fixed cylinder choke, that indicates that the choke is "fixed" and not interchangeable. The choke is referring to a taper of the inner diameter of the barrel at the muzzle thataffects the shot pattern. A cylinder bore choke is essentially the same diameter as the bore and would have a "wider" pattern, while a modified or full choke will have a "tighter" pattern because the diameter is smaller ot "tighter". Typically tactical shotguns use a cylinder or improved cylinder choke. Hope this helps.

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You can bing or google shot gun chokes and get a lot of info to read about this. Some shot guns have about 1 inch of a thread on the inside and at the

top of the barrell. A partially threaded tube ( usually 5 types) screws in allowing a variety of shot spread.

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