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M1 Super 90 Barrel


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I have a M1S90 I bought used with ghost sights and a 18" barrel. I would like to be able to find another barrel (26-28") so I can use this gun for bird hunting (and be able to use something other than the ghost sights). Is this something I have to get directly from Benelli? Or a dealer?






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I have seen them on GunBroker and Auction Arms' websites. You might try there? I also read over on ShotgunWorld forum that M1 and M2 barrels are interchangeable, but I have not seen that info corroborated from Benelli. Good luck and let me know how you make out. I would like to get a tactical barrel for my M1 someday.


Stay safe.



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Originally posted by nodark:

have you tried here


I called Long Island last week on another Benelli item from their site. The woman was a bit irritated, saying they do not handle Benelli accesories anymore. When I mentioned the website, she rudely blurted it was an old site that hadn't been updated and basically just wanted me to quit bothering her.
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For one, try Mann & Sons from what I hear. No, Benelli won't sell you a barrel direct but any Benelli dealer should order one for you, I think he was just blowin you off. Try a small shop instead of a big super store that just orders in bulk. And remember, not every dealer is a Benelli dealer, Benelli doesnt do wholesale to distributors. U'll keep my eye out just the same.

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