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  1. wow, that sucks to hear such BS
  2. nodark

    Ammo Question

    you can shoot sabots it's ideal to shoot sabots through a rifled barrel or choke but they'll shoot from your barrel (IC choke, right?)
  3. try asking in the Franchi forum
  4. Hoser, do you have all the parts?
  5. best way to break it in is to go shoot the thing and then shoot some more both my M1 and M2 were and are being abused from day one I bought 'em, took 'em out and shot 'em and then shot 'em some more (mainly with Federal ammo- 2 3/4" 3dram 1 1/8oz loads)
  6. How many notches are on the new one? 1 notch = full 2 = improved modified 3 = modified 4 = improved cylinder 5 = skeet no notches might be extra full and plus the chokes should also state what they are on the side
  7. Gungho what's your civilian pricing?
  8. would it be possible to match the contour of the stock to make the carrier sit "flat" which would look better and address GV00's concerns
  9. nodark

    benelli legend

    Razec, where in S.Tx are you located? I think I talked to you the other day on the phone.
  10. the only reason I recognized it was because I sold one (the light, not the M4) a couple days ago
  11. pretty sure this is the light http://www.surefire.com/surefire/content/m600a-diagram_large.jpg
  12. yes, that is pretty cool that they're sending a case cause mine came as mentioned above (3 chokes and a box)
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