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Benelli M4 for Deer Hunting?


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So has anyone used the Benelli M4 for big game hunting? I would like to get your thoughts and if any of yall's do, what kind of ammo you used. I think this shotgun is extremely versatile and i want to use it to take down deer. Yes i know it only has an 18.5 in barrel. Thanks for your input:cool:

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Many years ago around 1986, I used a H&K imported Benelli Super 90 M1, in Police configuration, to quaily at the academy Police range. Using Foster Slugs, my Benelli was almost like shooting a rifle. The sights were simple and the barrel short, but I wouldn't hesitate to take deer out to 75 yards with complete confidense. The M4 is a fancy version of my shotgun and with the correct slugs should shoot just as well if not better. "Police Configuration" means all black with rifle sights, 7+1 capacity and pistol grip.

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Oh Yeah thats awesome! Thanks

Well in the coming weeks i'll be going Deer Hunting and i'll make sure i'll post some pictures! Whats its coming down to for me is the slug type. 12 Gauge Remington Slugger 3" 1 Ounce Rifled Slug or 12 Gauge Federal Vital-Shok 2-3/4" TruBall Rifled Slug... I'm just going to pick up a few boxes and see what my gun likes more.... sgtCathy and my M4 is the Police Configuration. :cool:

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