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Benelli M2 reliability w/ accessories


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Hey guys, I was wanting to add some accessories to my M2 Tactical and I know that adding too much weight can affect the inertia systems reliability but how much is too much? Below is a list of what I want to add, maybe you guys can tell me if its too much or if its fine, I already have a Benelli factory +4 tube on it (it is flush with the end of the barrel so I think its +4) Thanks in advance


- GG&G picatinny top rail

- Nordic BFB handle

- Nordic Clamp w/ rail

- Vtac light mount

- Polytac light

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My M2 has around 250 rnds and feeds everything. I've added an NT plus three cap, NT charging handle, and Mesa stock. The Mesa stock came with a Mesa receiver side saddle and when I installed and loaded with six shells it wouldn't cycle the light stuff when firing with a full (seven rounds) magazine. Without the side saddle things are great. One reason I choose the M2 over the M4 was the lighter weight. It felt pretty chunky fully loaded with the loaded side saddle. Maybe I'll try it again in the future when more rounds have been fired.




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