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Benelli O/U 828U

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I have just purchased one of these New Benelli O/U 828U and pheasant hunted with it the first of 3 days in South Dakota and at the end of the first day,.. My Teeth were absolutely Rattled out of my head, but not so much a shoulder problem as jumping up and slapping the S%#T out of you jaw or cheek weld.


The new "Progressive Comfort" system it's called is not all that! or at least i have found it to be all fluff. I talked to customer service and the guys said to send it back into Benelli has asked me to take it back to the dealer where I bought it and let them send it in for Benelli to look at the "Progressive Comfort" system. Anybody out there have first hand experience on the 828U that can compare notes please let me know.


Anyone own one of these and had a problem with the NEW "Progressive Comfort" System with recoil

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I was not impressed with progressive comfort either - though it was not too bad but since I needed Pitch and LOP alterations I took it to my local gunsmith and had him do that and space it correctly for my usual 1"+ Kick Eez.  I can shoot 150+ rounds in a day.

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