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I just got a Nova 12ga 28"bbl. I mostly hunt dove but will hunt some preserve pheasant a couple time a year and some quail when I can. Having the gun at home now Im realizing how heavy it is. I think for dove it will be fine but wondering how it will be for walking arounf half a day as even my 870 12ga felf a bit heavy when I had it. I have used a 20ga 870 for the last 9 years but Im handing that down to my son.

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I used one before I got the new SBEII, that and my 870. I had a sling on both and put one on the SBE also. Most upland hunters wont use one but i don't care what others think when I am in a place I can use a sling I do. I went eight shots seven birds with the new gun just a little better then with the Nova, or 870.


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