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Briley bolt release DIY install mods for Benelli


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I bought a Briley extended bolt release lever for my Benelli 20 ga; as some of you know these require the factory release to be machined before the extended lever can be installed. Briley will mod yours for $80 but you have to send it in and wait while your gun sits unused.


I bought a spare OEM release from Brownells; could have modded the factory unit but wanted a spare plus the gun was not out of service while I worked on it. Extra $27 but worth it IMHO; can always sell it as a complete drop in assembly or swap back to the smooth factory button if desired.


The tricky part was to drill the through hole straight since the factory lever does not lay flat on a base. You have to clamp it in a drill press vice and line it up manually. Once done its easy to tap 5-40 for the new screw. If I did it again I would make a jig from a block of wood with a pilot hole centered on a counterbored recess for the button OD; then you could line up the drill bit with the pilot hole with the jig clamped in the vice and drill from the back side on center.


Then on to the 'flats' that need to be added on the round button; I just used mini [needle] diamond flat files to cut these in by hand. The thickness of the file was close to the .055" depth so it was easy to use the file edge as a guide. A little hand fitting and I got a snug fit with the oval cutout on the Briley button. I used some slip fit Loctite retaining compound to take up any clearance when assembled; its a nice upgrade to the factory button and easy to find yesterday with gloves on during 3 rounds of skeet.


I know there are other options but this is not a tactical style gun and I liked the color options from Briley [i went with gold on the Montefeltro; matching bolt charging handle and forend cap weight.]


In any case if folks are on the fence with this add on here is a DIY way to get it done without a milling machine.

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