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Hi, first time on THIS forum. I own an nova 12ga. and love it. I am saving for an sbeII. I also own and winchester superX 2. well I'm looking to up grade. Don't get me wrong I like my x2 but I have heard so much on the new sbeII. I am looking for a gun to do it all. from trap to geese, to turkeys. I adverage about 5000 to 6000 rounds an year.

with looking thru the forum I see that the sbeII will cycle just about anything? now with the nova I have a buddy that has one in black sny. and his will not shoot the kent faststeel. and mine with the fully camo it loves them. And with my x2 is balck sny. and it wount cycle anything less then 11/8 oz. and my brothers is full camo and it will shoot anything and mine has had a lot more shells thru it. I was woundring if the sbeII is the same way?

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