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Benelli Nova aftermarket accessories?


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Hi all! I just picked up a Nova 12 gauge a while back. I have heard that there aren't as many aftermarket accessories available compared to a Mossberg 500 or Remington 870.


I was wondering if it might be possible to mount a side saddle? And also I really need to put a vertical grip on the pump. I have a condition in my left wrist that prevents me from turning my hand over, which makes it kind of hard to hold long guns in the normal way and to operate the action. I can do so by making a U with my left hand (with the thumb on the right side of the forend and fingers on the left) but this is unconventional. A vertical grip would be perfect for me. Are there any aftermarket forends with picatinny rails that can accept vertical grips? And if not then would it be possible to screw and tap one into the forend itself?


Thanks for your help.

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Aftermarket support is pretty lacking for the Nova.


Mesa Tactical makes sidesaddles for the Nova but you'll have to drill and tap the top of the receiver to use one of theirs.


Tac-Star is the only other option that I'm familiar with. That one replaces the cross pins that go through the receiver with bolts. The Tac-Star screws onto those bolts. It's solid, but be sure to use Loc-Tite on the threads if you go that route. Also, the Tac-Star only holds four rounds.


As for the fore-end, I'm afraid you'll have to drill and tap it to add a vertical grip. I'm pretty sure MGW and Brownells sell replacement, OEM fore-ends for pretty cheap so you can replace yours if it gets messed up during the modification process.


Good luck!

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