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I just picked up my new SBE II.


The owners manual was missing, so I wanted to list what was in the box to make sure nothing else was missing.


1. Hard Case

2. Barrell

3. Receiver

4. Five choke tubes

5. Choke tube wrench

6. Shims, etc for stock adjustment

7. Benelli MF-82 lubricant


Was there any other paperwork beside the owners manual that I should have gotten.


Are there any other parts that I am missing?




Can't wait to go shoot the new gun.

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My Benelli Synthetic Super Black Eagle II (SBE II) came with:

* 1 Plastic Breakdown Case

* 5 Cryo Choke Choke Tubes

* 4 Choke Tube Plastic Holders

* 1 Choke Wrench

* 1 Drop Change Kit (Drop & Cast Adjustment)

* 1 50ml Benelli Gun Oil

* 1 Use/Maintenace Manual

* 1 Spare Parts List Manual

* 1 Warranty Registration Card


Mine was missing the four choke tubes and the plastic choke tube holders. The gun dealer had to open another SBEII box to replace the missing chokes which were in their plastic choke tube holders.


Before leaving the gun store again, I checked to make sure that all five choke tubes were different.

  • Full----------------- - 1 Notch or * on the side.
  • Improved Modified - 2 Notches or ** on the side.
  • Modified----------- - 3 Notches or *** on the side.
  • Improved Cylinder - 4 Notches or **** on the side.
  • Skeet-------------- - 5 Notches or ***** on the side.

Also, check that your choke wrench will fit the full choke. See topic sbe II choke wrench problem? for details.


My replacement choke wrench should be arriving soon.


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