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Read everything- mag extension without collasible stock..


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I have read everything on this website about the ATF rules which I don't understand how they can even pass, regulate, or make any laws since they are not an elected body of government- course they murder people for believing otherwise.




Say you have both an M4 and M1. Both have pistol grips. Now you can add a collasible stock to the M4 so you should be able to add a magazine extension to the M1 since you are only adding one part to each. Because if they are allowing the addition of one feature to the M4 then they are allowing an additional feature to all which means the M4 now is legal to have two features, col. stock, and pistol grip. Which means the M1 should be legal with pistol grip and mag extension. Correct??? Also does it matter when the M1 was made- weather after 1989 or before 1994 etc.


I have read everything on this website and other websites with people arguing, posting letters but none about this exactly.

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