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Super Black Eagle 1


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Not sure how long it's been since someone started a Super Black Eagle 1 thread, but here's one. And you guys will have to bear with me as I'm sure this has all been discussed before. You might even find this humorous. But there is a question after my story. So about 7 years ago I bought a used SBE synthetic in that old original Realtree camo. The gun was in 98%+ condition with box and everything that comes in the box. I paid $800 for it. I didn't use it much, although I did shoot some blue rocks with it right after I got it and it wouldn't cycle target loads. Not a biggie, I just didn't plan on using the gun for targets. My nephew borrowed the gun for the 2012 goose season, but brought it back when he came up for a late season pheasant hunt. He said it cycled the 3.5" fine but wouldn't shoot the 2nd shell. So I cleaned it (I thought) and used it for a couple pheasant hunts and didn't have an issue other than 1 time I shouldered the gun, pulled the trigger, and nothing. I discovered the bolt when it came forward hadn't finished rotating. The next season I tried it again, trying to make sure I checked the bolt, and the gun was fine although ADD kicked in once or twice and I watched a couple roosters fly optic sight - and thought maybe I should give this thing a try. I also read this away because again the bolt didn't rotate.

So, I confess that I've gotten into the 1500 ft/s pheasant loads. It's pretty crazy the range you can get with these hot 1 3/8 loads. However, I discovered they will beat the **** out of 1100's and 1187's, my guns of choice since I was a young man. Broken buffers, lost operating handles, broken extractors, cracked forearms, loose butt stocks, etc. So I bought a Winchester SX3 for pheasant hunting, and after 2 years I was sick of it. The gun just does not fit me. Naturally pointing the gun, I aim to the left. I was ready to try something else. But back in the corner of my safe sat that SBE. I pulled it out, looked it over - raised rib, middle bead, fiber article, https://www.americanrifleman.org/articles/2016/11/29/celebrating-25-years-of-the-benelli-super-black-eagle/, which inspired me.

I watched some videos on youtube on cleaning and lubing the gun, and followed them to a T. So tonight I took my SBE skeet shooting for the first time after buying the gun 7 years ago (previous blue rock shooting was in my backyard). It never missed a lick through 2 rounds and I enjoyed shooting it. I shot Federal 3 dram 1 1/8 loads. After those 2 rounds I had some reloads in my bag so I shot station 1 and station 2 doubles just to see if it would cycle those, and it did. I was impressed.

So with all that said, here is my question. How often should I clean this gun to keep it operating like that, and 2, for you guys that have put hundreds of thousands of rounds through SBE 1's the last 25 years, what else should I plan for?


Thanks in advance.

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I own a couple of SBEs,there fun as sh%t,,I clean mine every time I go out,somewhere is a statement about very lightly lubing the rotating bolt edges and locking lugs,it said to help prevent the bolt from partially engagging.I got a limbsaver recoil pad on it for the 3 -1/2s,hope this helps.

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