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Introduction and Noob Questions


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I write to introduce myself. I am a noob to Benelli and semi-auto shotguns. I have a good deal of experience with semi-auto rifles (ARs, AKs, the FNH SCAR and the IWI Tavor) but the M4 I bought the other day is ... new territory. My sole prior shotgun experience in my 590a1.



I bought the M4 with the skeletonized stock (item number 11701, also called the m1014 on Benelli's website). I love the gun but I am not not that fond of the skeletonized stock. I am thinking about replacing it with the conventional field stock.



At the same time, I would like to move to a 7 shot magazine tube. My understanding is that in an m4 with a pistol grip that means that you have per 922r to get down to 10 foreign made parts because increasing from 5 to 7 shots adss a second "evil" feature (on top of the pistol grip), thus bringing 922r into play.



Would this still be the case if the field stock was on instead?



If 922r would still be in play, is there a trigger pack the community prefers? I have been looking at the one from Freedom Fighter Tactical.



Thanks, thanks in advance for your patience with what will no doubt be more stupid noob questions to come and thanks for having me on the forum.

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Hey, welcome the the Benelli M4 family. Benelli collapsible stock (skeletonized stock) counts as 2 parts. Bringing the total part count to 14 foreign made parts. Silly 922® compliance laws state a foreign made gun can only have a maximum of 10 foreign made parts. The Benelli M4 ships stock with 13 and the Benelli made collapsible stock counts as 2. So you have 14. Now if you replaced the stock with a US made stock that counts as 1 part. FFT trigger kit counts as 3 parts as each trigger component counts separately toward 922r compliance. You can add a FFT aluminum follower as well for 1 part. You can replace the forend with FFT U.S. made forend to count as 1 part. Also the extended 7 round mag tube counts as one part also. And FFT sells them as well. Hope this helps.

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