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Limbsaver on M4 Telescoping Stock


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The Limbsaver is a model 10111. It isn’t a direct fit. You’ll need a Noveske adapter plate. To make the collapsible stock functional in the fully collapsed position, you’ll need to modify the pad and the adapter plate. You’ll need to drill a hole in to the buttpad where the receiver extension passes through the stock and into the pad. If I recall it’s like a 3/4” or 7/8” hole. The adapter plate needs a section cut out of it to permit the receiver extension to pass through as well. I just hacksaw the section out and shape the pieces on the grinder. Each piece is held in place by one screw. When you screw the stock in to place, it bridges the parts and keeps them solidly together.


Youll need to source some 8mm long screws for the Noveske adapter. I get them from my local hardware store. The screws supplied will fit for the buttpad to screw in to the adapter plates.


You can can count on a realistic reduction in perceived recoil of about 40%. Harder the load, the better it performs. No issues with lighter loads either.


You may may be right about the Taps switch. It is rather big and thick. I don’t have an issue with where the buttons would be. The momentary button would be beneath my thumb, and the secondary button would be set to a constant on toggle within reach of my thumb. The issue is attaching it in a functional manner. You can’t cut the handguard too deep since the piston housing is there.


Mid I can get by without using their bottom plate, my job will be much easier. If mounting to that Strike rail, the mLOK would fit well. I’m just not sure if I can tolerate all that cheese grater machining.


Thank you for the information on the Limbsaver. Do you have pictures of how the Limbsaver looks mounted with the Noveske adapter?


Has anyone used a Limbsaver Grind to fit on the M4 Telescoping stock? I read somewhere that you could use a grind to fit and drill out the middle and the stock would collapse all the way and look like a stock part?

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