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Benelli 828U Shotgun


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I noticed the 30” barrel on the website in June of 2017. I tried to find one via local Bass Pro stores, and several online suppliers and was told by Benelli USA corporate they didn’t even ship to the US until April. I found one May of 2017 from Bud’s gun shop. I immediately ordered it and it arrived June 4th 2018. I took it out and started shooting it this past 4 weeks and now I’m sorry to report it went back for repairs last Friday. What a disappointment after waiting so long for the gun to get shipped.

I’ve had issues with the bottom barrel no ejecting the shell after it fires, for whatever random issue mine had about every 30-40 shots the gun won’t close after putting shells in? it just bangs the ejector rods against the floating steel plate and creases the rim of the brass on the shotgun shell. You gotta re-open the the gun and press the release thumb lever again and reload. Very frustrating when your on the line of a trap shoot. I’m very concerned because I thought after nearly 3 years of this gun being in production they would have fixed the injector issues so many people complained about. When I spoke with Benelli USA tech service they said send it in and make sure it was marked “purchased as new with-in the last month and it would be serviced immediately. We shall see as it just went out June 22nd from Bass Pro back to Benelli. Has any other people seen failures on the 30” version?

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I have a new 828 and bottom ejector doesn’t work. Have cleaned and lubed. If I don’t shoot and just open gun it works but not after a shot. Any ideas.?

really don’t want to send it in and not have it for several months. 

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