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  1. As it relates to attaching the 828u fore end to the barell, my is loosening. It has play, or wiggle which I’d like to eliminate but I’m not sure where it tightens up. any help is appreciated
  2. I sent in my 828u in after 3 weeks after purchase. It wouldn’t eject the top barrel and also the forend was loose. They took care of it and returned it via Bass Pro shop with 3 weeks. I later found out Bass Pro sat on it a week before shipping it to Benelli. So over all I thought their service and return was pretty good.
  3. I have a Benelli Supersport I’ve been shooting trap over the last 4 years. Love the gun and I’m shooting pretty good with it. However as I get more familiar with it, I’ve swapped out shims to get it fitting me (the pattern board) is perfect and now I’m down to consistent 23’s and 24’s & somewhat frequently shooting perfect rounds. What I’ve learned that is the last thing I want to address is trigger pull. I had the trigger pull measured and it’s about a 5lbs, 6ounce pull. I wanna see if Benelli offers either a release trigger, or a trigger that the pull can be reduced to 3lbs, 5ounce
  4. I noticed the 30” barrel on the website in June of 2017. I tried to find one via local Bass Pro stores, and several online suppliers and was told by Benelli USA corporate they didn’t even ship to the US until April. I found one May of 2017 from Bud’s gun shop. I immediately ordered it and it arrived June 4th 2018. I took it out and started shooting it this past 4 weeks and now I’m sorry to report it went back for repairs last Friday. What a disappointment after waiting so long for the gun to get shipped. I’ve had issues with the bottom barrel no ejecting the shell after it fires, for whateve
  5. I just purchased the 828U in the 30” barrel configuration. My problem is I’m about 1/2” short on length of pull. 14-1/2 is standard, I need 15”. I also cannot find any info on changing LOP. I also own a Benelli Supersport and it allows you to order a comfort tech pad in different sizes. With Benelli being know for gun adjustments, I hope it’s possible to adjust LOP. If anyone knows.. PLEASE Chime in.
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