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Do me a favor and look down your barrel for the choke fit. Is there a noticeable gap where the choke meets the barrel? Then run an object down the barrel (like a pen with a square end) and tell me if you can feel a pretty good "bump." To me it feels like the choke is a bit short and doesn't seat all the way.



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Originally posted by Camo:

Please tell me it isn't so!......I'll check tonight and let you know.

Any update?


I measured mine, the length of the tube and where the bottom of the recess and they were the same length, so the choke fits right, not sure why there is a bump.

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Originally posted by benddg:

Can't edit post on this forum :confused: . I think SBE II and Xtrema chokes are the same. SRM says they are. May not get the same patterns because of bore, but they will interchange.

Yep, I'd had a few people tell me that, different bore dia. but same thread pattern.
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if you put a benelli crio tube (.721") in a beretta optima plus (.733") the lead column will hit the choke exerting maximum pressure in the threads of the choke.


believe me I miked mine with professional intruments and measurements are correct.


dont even try a full choke crio system in a beretta it would be equal to card shooting chokes.



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