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  1. benddg

    Customize a SBE II

    Get a beartooth stock gaurd with the shell holder. You can get it in Max 4, I think. I put one on all my guns really like the extra shells on my stock.
  2. benddg

    my new sbe

    The probem is the first round is not pushing the bolt all the way back. Try putting in one shell and see if the bolt stays open this will tell you. My SBE II will shoot 1 oz loads and cycle finr havn't tried 7/8. Have tried the elcheapo 1 oz high speeds from wallyworld and they do fine.
  3. Go to sure-cycles web page. Might be under SRM there is a phone number listed.
  4. benddg


    The neoprene sling has a little give to it making the gun feel much lighter. I don't know of a link the last one I got was for my SBHE II. I went to a local outdoors store and had them order it for me. I've had several of these and I like them.
  5. benddg


    aa&e leatherworks makes a real nice neoprene slings with the swivels alredy on it.
  6. benddg


    Try Terror. I'm getting excellent patterns with both the .655 and .675 in my SBE II.
  7. benddg

    Choke Question?

    I'm shooting optima + terror chokes in my SBE 2.
  8. benddg


    Winchester 3 1/2 #5 2 oz shot patterned real good out of this choke. I only shot 2 I'm planning on doing more before turkey season. Since we're so close we might try to get together if time permits.
  9. My SBE II is the same way. Have to force the forearm off. I've gotten to where I leave it on and remover the barrel with the forearm still on the gun. As for the crack I'd call Benelli about that.
  10. If you value your hearing leave the ported barrels and chokes alone. They don't help recoil and are really not needed. Get the non-ported chokes.
  11. I shot the .675 in flooded timber and open fields all year. I had very little luck at getting birds to shoot at but what shooting I did I was pleased. I have all three of the terrors. The .655 is a really tight choke I think the turkeys will be in trouble, like the ads say it shoots like a rifle. I'm a little worried about being too tight if I let him get too close. If you get just one the .675 is the one. I don't see much use for the .700. The best thing would be get the .675 and the .655.
  12. Robert you're talking about n the bolt not the shell carrier? Right??
  13. benddg


    I got real good patterns from a Terror .655. I sent my last SBE to Rhino chokes and had the barrel done special for turkeys, my SBE II with the terror throws a better patern than the old one did.
  14. Robert II; Can you post a picture of the older carrier? I probably won't do the epoxy thing but I'd like to know what you're talking about.
  15. benddg

    changing shims

    I did some changes in my shims on the SBE II. Somehow I can't find the manual for my gun, so I have a question. Iwas trying to get some drop and cast. From the feel of the changes I think I'll like the change. When I took the gun apart it had 2 plastic shims between the stock and the reciever. One marked B the other DX (I think) it fit over the B shim. I used the DX and the C shim and the other metal spacer that I think will give me the cast I want also looks like the way you install the metal spacer would give different drop and cast. Without the manual I just kinda looked at the shim and questomated. Looks like I got more cast and drop. Is there any reason this combo of shims and spacers shouldn't be used. I wander if there are combo's of shims and spacers that wouldn't or shouldn't be used. Anyone with knowledge or a manual to look at, I would like to hear if what I did is supposed give more cast and drop.
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