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  1. I imagine its an older one because i am very familier with benelli and have never heard of it.
  2. Is there a site benddg?
  3. Thanks Tuck, i was also thinking about the butler creek neoprene sling but i dont think they make it for shotguns. Any other good slings?
  4. What is the best shotgun sling to use with the superblack eagle 2. I would like a padded one so when I haul those bigfoots 4 or 5 hundred yards out in the feild. Please leave a web site. THANKS
  5. What is the best shotgun sling for the super black eagle 2. I would like a nice padded one for when i have to haul the big foots 4 or 5 hundred yards out in a feild. Any suggestions? If so please leave a web site THANKS
  6. Every sbe ive seen just takes some wear on the spring then it will or should shoot light loads
  7. Just get a gun that suites your hunting and sporting needs, it will work fine for home defense, i use a remington wingmaster 20ga for my home
  8. Well the recoil itself im am not so for sure about but the new gel butt pad deffinatley takes some away.
  9. What is the use of those guns except for house defense, i mean i wouldnt want to spend that much money on one
  10. If your older than 10 years old and complaing about recoil, then id maybe consider a different sport
  11. Well it better for 1,400 dollars but its a break in time is all, everyone with an eagle that i know will shoot light loads
  12. I am 100% possitive with a little time and wear on the spring in the eagle it will eject anything you put through it.
  13. Well I just think i need to use high brass to break it in because low 7 will eject out half the time.
  14. They say break it in with normal loads. Would light loads be normal enough or would you have to go up to high brass
  15. Like I new the choke tubes were crio, but the barrell also says it is crio, what is so special about it? THANKS
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