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Lifter issue with my Supernova


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I've been working with loading and chambering drills with my Supernova Tactical and I've run across a problem. Sometimes when I work the action, the lifter does not come down all the way and a shell is not loaded. The shell is released from the magazine and it drops out the bottom instead. I haven't found a pattern to it. Any thoughts?


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I tend to agree with HDRDKG; I also own one and was hunting with it and found a short stroke on the

pump forearm will fail to feed a shell. Shot it a bunch more, lubed it several times and tried to repeat the same malfunction and it wouldn't repeat the error. One other suggestion, take out the mag tube plastic feed (red) and de-bur/smooth the ridges on it somewhat and that might help. lol

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I'll see if I'm short stroking it but trying to diagnose it, I pull the forend all the way back without going back forward to see if the shell loads and it doesn't but thanks for the tips. I took it apart today and greased everything up. I'll see what happens when I take it out ot the range.

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