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Hi Folks


I just joined up here recently because I've ordered 2 Benelli M2 21" field shotguns and they should be on the way soon. I'm excited of course, because of what all I've heard about the guns.


I tracked down what I thought was the lowest price, and I may have missed a better deal, but the deed is now done.


I'm shopping around, and pricing everything I'm considering for the guns. I found this forum from one of my searches showing pics of the Benelli M2 21" with 2 different mag extensions which was from this forum.


I've got the Nordic extension on one of my other guns, but one of your members mentioned that his Dave's Metal Works extension fits flush w/his 21" and so I tried contacting Dave.


We played a bit of "phone tag", where I've called him, and he's called me, so I guess I'll just have to get lucky soon.


I know I'll hear from him, but while I'm here, if anybody has the same set-up, I'll ask if they know which of Dave's extensions between the 7,8,9, or 10rd extensions fits exactly flush w/the Benelli 21" field (#11026).


Thanks in advance, until I hear from Dave.




PS: Dave has been kind enough to contact me, and I'll go w/him doing the work on my 2 Benelli's after they ship.

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