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Comp n Choke vs Kicks ported Chokes vs MagnaPorting Benelli M2 Field


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I'm thinking about recoil reduction particularly when using the Federal Truball 12ga. 1610 fps slugs which I'll be using in the 2 Benelli M2 21" Field shotguns which I'm getting in shortly.I've researched Magna Porting, that's the process from Magna Port Int. using their Electrical discharge process. They claim a reduction in recoil with eleven machined holes on either side of the barrel and they charge $99.00 for a single barrel.Did some more research w/some folks claiming a reduction using it, some say the process didn't make a difference. Most everybody said these ported barrels were loud, too loud. That concerns me.Also researched the "Comp n Choke", and "Kicks" ported chokes which also claim a reduction in recoil, which some folks recommend you buy to see if you're happy w/em as opposed to porting your barrel first. These run from $50-$70.Does anybody have any experience w/these ported chokes. I plan on testing out my slugs, and want the ability to knock down recoil/get every edge I can shooting these out to distance, plus making them easier to shoot.Do these things work, and if so, which ones? I'm assuming w/slugs that I'll be using the improved cylinder choke, assuming that the Truball wadding of the Federal slugs won't be a problem. Thanks in advance

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