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Anyone know where I can get Nova Rifled Slug Barrel?

Snood Slapper

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Yep, I know. Just hoping someone might now of an aftermarket company. I have tried looking at all the companies that make after market barrels that I can think of and none of them offered anything. I guess I could strip the bluing off a factory one and paint it with Brownell's alumnihyde in green. It is a a good finish that I have had good luck with in redoing old guns that were good solid guns, but weren't worth a rebluing job.

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Snood Slapper,

Like Mossberg Man says, Ithaca makes a rifled cantalever barrel for the Nova and their retail price is $199. However, the same barrel can be purchased at Cabelas for $149.


As for camo....I'd "rattle can" it. ;) Purchase some quality paint, like Rust-O-Leum, in the colors you prefer and go for it. Stensils of all types can be purchased at your local Wal-Mart.


This might sound like a "half-baked" idea, but that might depend on how well you can paint. I've done it many times on guns, bows, boats, etc. and if you take your time preparing the surfaces, spray light coats at a time, and give it time to dry in between coats you should be fine. Ohhh....don't forget the clear coat to protect your work. ;)


Good hunting, Bowhunter57

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Hey, thanks. The Ithaca deal sounds pretty good. In fact I just emailed them to see if I could get an unfinished one. I have had really good luck with Brownell's AlumaHyde II. It is a good hard, durable finish and looks great when its done. Comes in a lot of different colors, doesn't run when you apply it, and holds up to solvents. Only catch is that you have to strip down to the metal - no bluing or other finish can be on it. Hate to buy a barrel I would have to strip. I guess I could leave it blued - won't make it shoot any better and I've never been accused of tryin' to win any outdoor fashion shows!

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