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SBE Extractor/Ejector?


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I need to replace my Extractor on my SBE. Part #32 in the schematic on Brownells site. How do I remove the Extractor Pin (33) and Extractor Spring (34) to do this? I'm sure it is simple but I can't figure it out. While I'm at it I am considering replacing The ejector spring and ejector plate(parts 30&31) but not sure how to remove the screw (29). Are there special tools for these two procedures? Any help is appreciated.




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Hi,I looked at my manual and tore down my M1 tactical,too see what exactly is there.They are all held in there by retainting pins which means a punch set would be needed to drive out the pins.

Examine everything carefully and refer to your manual,go slow and easy and things will work out,I've never had trouble with these items so this is good for everyone,keep us posted if you will, good luck M1014 ;)


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