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Robar NP3 Possible Alternatives

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I had a local shop do it for me.  They are more of a 1911 custom place but they know what they are doing.  

I went way conservative compared to most.  If you saw it you would probably think it wasn’t opened up enough.  While this would be true to most I didn’t want to go too aggressive.  I’m not a three gunner, just wanted to make reloading a little easier and efficient.  At the same time I wanted to retain the tactical integrity without making it too sporting like.  I hate throwing out the word “tactical” but I think it applies here.

I messed around with it a little bit and was able to dual load a couple times.  I’m sure with some practice and getting use to it I could be more proficient.  Perhaps quad loads in the future but like I say it’s a modest opening.

Overall I’m happy with it but I wish they rounded it off more where the mag tube begins and the follower lies.

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