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Wolff Hammer Spring


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I received my springs today and quickly went to changing them out. Had a hard time stuffing that magazine spring in the tube but I finally got it. Just a hint for anyone else who might doe this. Use a guide rod to keep the spring from popping out the side on ya.


Took a little effort to break the recoil spring retaining nut but I finally got it with a little heat. I was surprised at how gunky it was in there. I've only had my gun for 2 months but I have used it a lot.


Looking at the replacment hammer spring I thought no way does that look right. It is a lot shorter and bigger around. I pulled the original out and tried to drop the new spring in but it just doesn't fit. I tried a little pressure, no go. The dia. of the coil is too big to fit in the "spring houseing." (don't know if that is the proper term but it sounds good.)


Has anyone else had this problem? The springs are labeled right, just trying to figure out whats wrong???


I'll call them Monday and see what Wolff says.


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