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  1. Had a great opener. We had some nasty weather all day yesterday. Rain mixed with snow and a slight breeze for most of the day. As we were walking out the clouds broke and was treated with a beautiful sunset. My camera in packed away so I didn't get a pic of it. Got a nice mixed bag with two hen GW teal, One drake & Hen Gaddy, a Drake pinner, and I finished my bag with a double on drake Widgeon. It took me about 7 shot to get me lead figured out again but it was one shot kills from there on out. My SBE performed flawlessly.
  2. I did some polishing on the bottom side of the bolt assembly. If you look at the underside you can see were it is sliding. I polished that area plus I polished the slide and the slide rails on the reciever. I also polished the end of the barrel (I think it's the barrel) were the extractor claw hits and then turns. As far as lube, I don't believe in excessive lube. What I do is pray a little CLP on the end of a q-tip and then I will hit all the friction points with it. Just enough to make it glisten, no more.
  3. You know, I did an excellent polish job on the frictions areas of my gun. Before I polished the parts the bolt would just about have to be all the way back to get the full force for it to slam down and rotate into battery. Since I polished everything and am using CLP I can pull the bolt back about 1 inch and let it go. The bolt head still rotates. So, I think the ammo change (I din't know Tom used Federal) polish job and the CLP has all made the difference. This is my first autoloader. So I'm unfamiliar with their "uniqueness." I'm just happy that is working like I expected. Thanks for all the advice I got from this forum even though it took me a while to try it all. It's that hard head of mine.
  4. Hey guys, well I know that I have made a few post stating the problems that I was having with my SBE. Even though it had been recomended that I try different brand shells I seriously thought that there was no way that a simple thing like that would do much good. I mean, I change brands of rifle ammo and have never had any problems? Anyway to make a long story short, I have switched from Kent to Federal. About 5.00 more a box but guess what? I have absolutley no problems now. My head is hard!! Maybe my wife has a point? Even today in a constant drizzle and heavier from time to time and laying in a coffin I had a wonderful day. 3 drake GWT, 1 drake Pintal and a drake mallard. and a sweet shooting gun.
  5. I took it out today with some different brand ammo. That with the polish job I did on it I didn't have a single problem! Not one, nadda! I was even laying down in a coffin shooting. Now, I'm excited! Everything seems to be working flaulessly! I LOVE IT!!!! Sorry for the misleading topic [ 12-09-2006, 08:14 PM: Message edited by: DeadlyBenelli ]
  6. Tucker. Does CLP ever evaporate off? Or will it stay on and continue to lube even on hot fall days?
  7. No, I keep forgetting to do that. I never think about it until I get home from work and then it is too late to call. Maybe I can remember that tomorrow???
  8. DeadlyBenelli


    My post wasn't ment to be rude. It's just that this very same question has been brought up countless times over the last 2 months. My apologise.
  9. I'm here to answere your question Buck50 I was able to get out this past weekend and test it. I had two FTF. One was an a swing to the right at about the end of my range so I probably didn't have a good shoulder and the other was a test with a 2 3/4" light load just to see what would happen. Everything else worked perfectly. While I'm not 100% convinced yet the polishing did make a considerable improvment. Hope that helps.
  10. DeadlyBenelli


    Talk about reduntant!? Even I'm getting tired of this question. Just look threw the last two pages. There is plenty of reading material.
  11. What message? All I see is the link to their home page. Never mind, I found what you are talking about. [ 12-05-2006, 07:12 PM: Message edited by: DeadlyBenelli ]
  12. If you have a pair of snap ring pliers they work real well.
  13. shoot some 3 1/2" 1 3/8 oz loads
  14. The bolt is not rotating fully into battery. Just do a search for "stovepiping," "misfires" you will read quite a bit. 1st off the inertia system on the seb's were not ment for light target loads. So having FTF doesn't surprise me.
  15. What good is a firearm in a home invasion scenario if it is locked up and the ammo is stored in a different place??? But to answere your question, No. You don't have to keep them locked up and seperate. But if you have kids, which I do, I keep my 45 auto "roostered" and locked in a desk top safe at my bedside. Just push a couple buttons and it's open.
  16. What denates "cheep" amo from quality amo? I don't think price tag tells you exactly, but I could be wrong???
  17. No problem here Mudhen. I have identified the problem with my gun. I have polished the upper track on the bolt. After hand cycleing, it works a lot smoother and with less force to get the head to rotate into battery. I have also noticed that the bolt locking pin has a flat spot were it has been hitting the shoulder in the track. Not the machined flat spot. I'm also going to order me a new pin and see if that helps as well. Now that my problem has been identifed it is a simple solution and I feel soooo much better.
  18. Okay guys this has been something that has really been bothering me with my gun. I have tried everything that I could think of. Kept the gun extreamly clean, never used too much oil. Tried different springs. So today while stripping down the gun and cleaning it again I started to investigate a little more why the bolt doesn't always rotate fully and I get a misfire. What I found is this. The locking bolt pin hangs up on the upper "track" on the bolt. Almost like the shoulder is too square or there is too much of a shoulder there. Out comes the Dremel don't get too excited. I wrapped a wad of #0000 steel wool over a shaft and went to polishing away. I put the gun back together and the bolt rotates into battery soooo much easier. Only about 1/2 the force that it was taking to get it into battery as before. Now I'm pulling on the bit to get out and see how it works. Problem is, I'm going to be working the next two days. Maybe Sunday.
  19. I have had the same problems and contrary to mudhen's thoughts it is not human error, at least not with me. I have replaced my springs with Wolffe springs and I still have the same problems. I'm going to send mine back to Benelli after the season. If it comes back with the same problems I'm getting rid of it and getting the extrema II or SXIII. If it were me and it is still doing it...I would get rid of it. Just my .02
  20. I have heard, that putting the recoil reducer in can effect the performance of the gun. From what I understand, the inertia system needs that recoil to work properly. I don't have any personal experience to verify this, but you may want to research it a little more. Good luck.
  21. Polishing the recoil tube. Sounds like a good idea. I only have this problem on second or third shots. I did replace Magazine spring, Hammer spring and recoil spring with wolff springs but still have the same problem. I will polish the areas and see if that helps. My other question is; if the added force from the new recoil spring is causeing the bolt to "bounce" back out from the fireing position. Any thoughts? I put the factory spring back in to test this theory but have not had a chance to get out and test it.
  22. DeadlyBenelli

    SBE2 misfiring?

    Okay mudhen. How about fairly common?
  23. DeadlyBenelli

    SBE2 misfiring?

    This is a prevailant issue with the SBE and SBEII. I have the same problem on occasion. From what I understand the rotating head is not rotating all the way around. Try this to see what I'm talking about. Work the action slowly not letting the bolt assembly slam shut. Now look were the ejector (black hook thingy) is. Now pull it back about 1/2 way and let it go. The head should rotate counter clockwise about 1/4 in more. This is the ready position. I don't know if fireing a few boxes of heavy loads will help this problem or not.
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