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New M1 Super 90


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Picked up this gun on Friday and shot it on Saturday.


Still getting used to it...but one thing I've found is that the worst trigger of any gun I've ever owned. It's heavy and feels like squishing a stress ball between your fingers. The break ain't so great either.


Anyone know of replacement parts or anything special that can be done to these triggers to clean up the pull? (Short of filing sear/hammer and voiding warranty)


It's kinda funny, I got this gun because it's price was good, and I thought it was just a different camo pattern Montefeltro than my friends have. When I called it a Monte, dealer told me it's an M1, and I must be mistaken about what my friends have because there aren't camo Monte 20 gauges.


When I shot the gun for the first time, besides the trigger, I noticed the thing kicks more, and handles differently than the guns I've borrowed. I did a little more investigation and realized that my friend's guns are older...and are Montefeltros...with camo'd wood stocks instead of composite, etc.


Got to learn to have my facts in a row before I go grabbin' for guns on the shelf.


I think this will be ok if I can fix up the trigger, and lengthen the stock a little bit.

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