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  1. Heavy shot runs abot ten bucks a pound. Primers are three bucks a hundred. Powder is about sixteen to seventeen bucks a pound. Once used hulls can be picked up for nothing or purchased reasonably. A reloading machine, can be from seventy five bucks to three hundred fifty. I shoot four to five thousand rounds per year. I will go with reloads every time. Do the math for your situation. To me $40.00 a box is more than rediculious(sp).
  2. made this post a while back, still works. posted 04-14-2005 08:03 PM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just an information input for the M2 Field. My new M2 is thru it's break in period and I wondered about reliability. The gun was put thru eight full rounds of clays without any cleaning what so ever. I know some of you will throw rocks at me for this but it was to prove or disprove a point. In 800+ rounds there was only one stovepipe and it was my fault, limp shoulder bad mount. Reliability isn't a question anymore.
  3. For all of you Winchester lovers out there who are concerned about the news of U.S. Repeating Arms Company, makers of Winchester rifles and shotguns closing the doors on its New Haven, CT facility, please let me clarify a few things. After a decade of attempts to make the facility profitable, the owners have made a financial decision to stop the hemorrhaging. This means that not only will the doors close at New Haven, but along with that, two icons of American firearms history will go away. The legendary Model 94 and Model 70 rifles along with the 1300 pump shotgun will be discontinued with no plans in place to continue manufacturing of these models anywhere else in the world, period. Just received from the flanigan site. Hate to see the 94 go away.
  4. This 60 year old guy purchased a M2, Feb 05. Have put several thousand rounds thru it. It is, with out a doubt, the best shotgun I have ever owned. The fit and feel of the gun is awsome and the felt recoil is less than my Browning A-5.
  5. Ken(bluewater)...I pruchased a M2 in Feb 05. It is without a doubt the best shotgun I have ever owned. I load my own and the results, patterns, with this gun are almost beyond belief with shot from #4 to #8. Haven't tried #2 yet but expect good results. As far as buckshot goes, "my gun" will not pattern any size at any distance. The best is remington #1 with IC choke. The spread on a 4X8 sheet of plywood at 25 yds is a 4 ft circle, not including the 2 or 3 odd flyers. IC choke with rifled slug at 60 yds yields group of 8 inches or less for 3 shots, if I do my part, all printing about 10 inches high. Hold at the belly line of the deer and enjoy your venision.
  6. Interesting, Tucker can you scare up a pic? I want a slug barrel for my M2, I could probably have a dedicated slug gun for the same price!
  7. barney9700, do you carry your one bullet in your shirt pocket!!!!!!!!!! Sorry friend couldn't resist. Three guns owned by three friends with the same problem, highly unlikely. It's not the gun, it is operator maintenance, operator error or ammo. buddah, listen to tucker, pick up the Benelli and enjoy it for many years. I have personally put, aproximately, 4 thousand rounds thru my benelli in the last eight months. 800+ or - rounds with no cleaning or maintenance at all. My own personal test of endurnace. The only failure to feed or eject was with under powered shells. My M2 will not function with 2 3/4 Dr powder and 7/8 oz shot but it is still the best shotgun I have ever owned.
  8. Tucker..........Zep............Black Dog!!!!!!
  9. Welcome, dove hunter and lemanster, tucker must be bored. If you look these five dollar handles up they will probably be your feathered friends. Don't ever change tucker, you "ARE" the life of the party and not taking anything away from the many knowledgeable members of this forum, you furnish more useable info than most, thanks.......
  10. sdkidaho, you can't go wrong with tucker's advise or FN_FAL's. Just clean your weapon well and often. If you use it in cold climates put it together with the least amount of oil possible, virtually dry. Benelli shotguns are more forgiving than most when it comes to the cleaning thing, on par with a legend, the old Browning A5.
  11. whitefeather, I have the M2 in comfortech. It has impressed me with it's performance to the point that I would not purchase a Benelli "hunting" gun without it.
  12. Guys, have to make this short, it's raining "sideways" down here. sdkidaho, your passing the buck, tucker said I'll ask, DIDN'T....mudhen said i want to....DIDN'T, I think "we" should compose a questoin for Nelli Girl and let sbeIIfan make the post, what do you think.........
  13. cherok9878


    tucker, since you are in this condition, I double dog dare you to ask Nelligirl where the cycle times for our Benelli shotguns are.....
  14. treelogger..........good post. M2 Tactical, A Benelli in the hand is worth more than two remington's in the bush.
  15. Any wagers on the pattern/POA
  16. Gabby, use your computer..........go to Google.com type in the name of the company you are looking for, Hartford Gun Choke Company, there are several references to same.
  17. Ice Nine, Not trying to deterr your pruchase of the Mossberg but many people simply arn't happy with them for fit and function reasons. Before you buy a mossy or remington spend a few moments handling your nova, cycle it, shoulder it, commit it to your memory. Then go out and do the same with one of the other guns. When it comes to upland birds Mossberg swings like a fence post compared to any Benelli.
  18. Niiiccceee!!! Is that you sitting on it?
  19. The Nova has a one piece stock and receiver. It is all one unit, does not come apart. The stock can't be removed or changed. If you are only refering to the recoil pad, can't help you there. Do not own a nova. Found this on the Benelli page for the nova, check the page out lot's of info. The ComforTech™ gel recoil pad is now available as an accessory for the Nova Pump 12-gauge. Made from a synthetic shock absorbing gel originally developed for the medical industry, the pad is ergonomically shaped to fit the shoulder pocket to help spread recoil over the widest possible area. Available in left or right hand. [ 07-28-2005, 08:33 AM: Message edited by: cherok9878 ]
  20. Semper Fi, One shot One kill. Carlos Hathcock alias "White Feather"was one of the most dedicated and inventive snipers in US history. He was also one of the most down to earth people I have ever met. Use his name with reverence, please.
  21. hit the wrong button again,,, just kidding! was wondering about the cost of shells, an aquaintance just returned from same general area and dropped a grand($1000.00) on ammo, his recount. Doing the numbers thing made the cost of his shells more than $10.00 bucks a box. Is this in the ballpark? [ 07-25-2005, 09:40 PM: Message edited by: cherok9878 ]
  22. Welcome Red Cobra, nice items. Things that go Bump in the night are in serious trouble around your place.
  23. Masterblastr, please let Benelli customer service know about this. They may replace the items free of charge. I think Benelli may be the only source for the upper cheek piece. Good luck and keep us informed of the progress with this problem.............
  24. Pics look pretty good, probably looks a lot better in hand. What did you use to seal the surface? I remember your post about the corrosion/discoloration.
  25. cherok9878


    I have to agree with mudhen. The only failure to fire, or rather, failure to feed, have been my fault. Trying to shoot 2 3/4 dr pdr & 7/8 oz shot, which the gun was not designed to do, or giving the gun a limp shoulder, all operator error. Feed the gun good ammo, keep it reasonably clean, do your part and it will go bang every time the trigger is pulled. Equipment breakage not included.
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