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  1. Well. I hate to break the news to all of you but I'm not going to enter " the club ." I'm holding out for other "toys" that are on the horizon. I wish you all the best with your M4's and M1014's. Ta, ta for now.....................................................
  2. Hey, great pic M4Madness!
  3. This is the greatest tactical Benelli site out there.
  4. The 14" barrel is factory. The stock collapsed makes for one tiny weapon.
  5. Yes, I would have sent it back too.
  6. That's the way the short-barreled Benelli M4 looked, barrel that is. It was smooth, no foolin with anything else. I'm kill'n ya M1014 aren't I.
  7. Easy boys. It was a picture only on HKPRO.com a few years ago. I don't even remember which forum it was in. I'll ask Swedish Chef on HKPRO. He might know. The Chef knows all.
  8. I'd love to change my Benelli M4 into a shorty. [/QB] M4Madness - I've only seen one picture of the M4 with a 14" barrel on HKPRO.com and, it looked AWESOME! Talk about a compact weapon.
  9. An old issue of GUNS and WEAPONS for LAW ENFORCEMENT magazine featured the Benelli M4.
  10. tucker301 are you out there?
  11. LaRue 7.0. Oh yes, now I see the ring. That's the rail that I have been considering.
  12. Sweet M4 set-up M4Madness. Is that a KAC RAS on the forearm?
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