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  1. Red Cobra


    Well. I hate to break the news to all of you but I'm not going to enter " the club ." I'm holding out for other "toys" that are on the horizon. I wish you all the best with your M4's and M1014's. Ta, ta for now.....................................................
  2. Hey, great pic M4Madness!
  3. This is the greatest tactical Benelli site out there.
  4. The 14" barrel is factory. The stock collapsed makes for one tiny weapon.
  5. Yes, I would have sent it back too.
  6. Red Cobra


    That's the way the short-barreled Benelli M4 looked, barrel that is. It was smooth, no foolin with anything else. I'm kill'n ya M1014 aren't I.
  7. Easy boys. It was a picture only on HKPRO.com a few years ago. I don't even remember which forum it was in. I'll ask Swedish Chef on HKPRO. He might know. The Chef knows all.
  8. I'd love to change my Benelli M4 into a shorty. [/QB] M4Madness - I've only seen one picture of the M4 with a 14" barrel on HKPRO.com and, it looked AWESOME! Talk about a compact weapon.
  9. Red Cobra


    An old issue of GUNS and WEAPONS for LAW ENFORCEMENT magazine featured the Benelli M4.
  10. tucker301 are you out there?
  11. LaRue 7.0. Oh yes, now I see the ring. That's the rail that I have been considering.
  12. Sweet M4 set-up M4Madness. Is that a KAC RAS on the forearm?
  13. Gotta love the bipod.
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