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Stuck Choke Tube


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How long has the tube been in this gun?

Is it partially unscrewed or all the way in?


Now the generic information:


The absolute smartest thing to do is to take it to a competent gunsmith and pay his fee. Typically around $35.


Don't want to be smart? Then keep reading.


Either of the following methods could damage a film camo finish, so you've been warned.


Unload the gun, remove the barrel from the action and soak the muzzle in a can of penetrating oil for several days. Make sure the container has a sufficient amount of oil to completely cover the barrel as deep as the choke is recessed.

Kroil is generally recommended as the best oil to use.



Use a proper fitting wrench and try to work the choke back and forth in small increments. If this does not work try letting it soak several more days.

Heat applied to the choke area can be of help. Never get the barrel so hot that you cannot touch it with your hand for several seconds.

Do not use a hammer of any kind to try and “tap” it. Soaking and low heat will get most frozen chokes out. Be patient.


Still no luck?

A properly fitting easy out may do the trick, but by now you're wishing you'd gone to the gunsmith to begin with.


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I used took it out the beginning in January. I was going to pattern my gun yesterday when I realized it. I will probably just end up taking to a gunsmith. I didnt know if someone had some surefire easy way. I had heard that before, but like you said I'd like to keep some of my camo on my gun. Thanks for your help.

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