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over lubricating/failure to cycle 20 ga. Bennelli


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I am 95% sure I overlubricated my gun & when hunting this weekend it wouldn't chamber the shells properly all the time. I have an extended mag & several times I quick fired 5-6 shells through it & it worked great. Only when I had deer running in front of me did it mess up!! Talk about tick a person off! I finally had to quit using it as I had to manually jack every shell. The gun had messed up before with the regular mag. on it, but it was cooler weather outside then too, not like this weekend though.

What's the odds against this being my problem? It has been recleaned & lightly lubed & will be shot either today or tomorrow with fingers crossed.


I read an earlier post about Bennelli not being that good in the customer service/repair department, I've never talked to them.



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Did you lube inside the recoil spring guide that runs through your stock? What type of oil are you using? I used Shooter's Choice FP-10 and it basically turned into the consistency of honey after a year. I've since then switched to Remoil and have had zero problems.


I was having the same problem as you, minus the extended mag, and the Remoil in the recoil spring assembly did the trick. They recommend totally disassembling the whole thing and cleaning it once a year since it can corrode. Also, SRM Products offers a stainless steel after market recoil spring assembly for the SBE.

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I haven't had the stock apart since I've gotten the gun, but I have had everything else torn down. I accidently used Remmington lubricating oil the last time I cleaned it. I recleaned & lightly oiled it & yesterday while shooting it I had only 1 shell fail to chamber & that was the last one on the first 7 I shot. After that I didn't have any problems.

I really appreciate your tidbits & comments, thanks a bunch!

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