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M4 Slug Choke Size - Imp Cyl, Cyl, but what if I want to use the modified that came with the firearm?


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I know the recommended choke size for slugs is cyl, or imp cyl, but:

1. is it OK to shoot rifled lead slugs using the modified that comes with the firearm?

2.. When does modified choke become a problem for slugs? Are there some to avoid?

3. Which Benelli chokes are compatible with the M4 H20? Any of the ones in the Shop section on Benelli Web Site?

Thank you.

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Thanks for the response NoTycoon. I went through a bit of crash course in chokes, ammo, and availability of ammo this past week. I've only shot sporting clays with my 20 gauge over/under using 1 modified and 1 improved modified prior. It's good fun with this nice light shotgun.

Anyway, unable to find personal defense ammo online today, I did manage to find rounds of 2 3/4 1oz rifled slugs, some #4 buck, a box of 00 buck,  and a box of magnum BB locally.

As soon as the outdoor range opens again I plan to break the firearm in. Is there a preferred "break in" round?  I'm thinking quality hi-load target?

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I never had to "break in" my M4. Out of the box, it ate everything. The only issues I have had is in extreme cold conditions, even now, where it will sometimes FTE/stovepipe with low FPS loads.

00 Buck is a great home defense round. It's like putting a spread of nine 9mm's in a single shot.

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Our local outdoor range only allows slugs using their target frames, so I'll break it in using the slugs, and pop off some #4 buck and magnum at the dirt (when the range opens again). I read somewhere they said 50 rounds for break in.

I was surprised to find even 1 box of 00 buck anywhere, let alone Walmart. I'll just save those for the zombie hordes.

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