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Another M4 LE / 11707 - BROKEN!!!!


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Guess What?


Another M4 LE / 11707 with Serial # Y0074xx suffered a catastrophic failure during an IDPA 3 Gun Match!


The failure was exactly the same type that I had, but much worse!


During a buckshot stage, the shooter was firing OO Buckshot when the bolt “froze” while it was trying to eject the spent shell, immediately rendering the shotgun useless.


The failure was so severe that the bolt remains “frozen” just about a ½ inch back from the “closed locked” position with the spent shell still attached by the extractor.


Again, the cause of this failure is a failure of the metal rail on the left side of the bolt carrier. The metal is just too soft!


The gas piston actually “punched” out a piece of the bolt carrier and wedged it between the receiver and the bolt!


We can see this by looking through the gap between the spent shell and receiver.


I whish we could get a picture of this, but it is in such a tight place that only a fiber optic camera could do the shot.


I am telling all of you M4 LE / 11707 owners, that there is a serious problem with these bolts, and if you have not fired at least 200 rounds of “Bird” and 50 rounds of “Slugs” then you’re just asking for trouble at the wrong time.


Again, the serial # of both guns that failed are in the range of Y0074xx, if you own one near these I would check them out, and do it soon!

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Mine is a Y0072**. Mine is a model 11703. And my gas piston busted which has been documented on this forum. Tomarrow I hope to have some time to run through 200 rounds.

If it is going to break, I hope it does it sooner rather than later.

I seriously hope our troops aren't getting these weapons with these problems. When mine jammed up, it made the weapon inoperable as well.


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I dont own a M4 but I have seen this happen on a friends gun also. This, I would say, is extremely troubling being it is such a major component of the gun. He sent his back and they replaced the bolt carrier. Havent had any problems as yet but only about 200 rounds since. I think its time the M4 owners started bugging the crap out of Accokeek for some real answers. The SHOT show is just around the bend and they shouldnt want this kind of bad pubicity. Excellent weapon otherwise but this must be solved.

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