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Benelli in new Miami Vice movie


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Saw the movie last night, so here's a quick lil' review for yall. First off, there isn't as much actual gun-play in this movie as there is in Heat and Collateral. However, when the guns do come out, it's very technical, very violent, and very beautiful (true to Mann's style). This movie could use a little of the old Elvis quote "a little less conversation, a little more action." The reason I say that is for two reasons: First, the dialog isn't all that great in this flick, actually kind of a drag. Second, Foxx and Farrel carry around their guns during most of the movie, but there are only about three good shooting scenes in the movie, and two of them are very brief. Now, the last gunfight... Well that's another story smile.gif . In a word: Awesome. However, although Foxx runs around with his Benelli, you never get to see the real firepower that thing can bring to bear--the shots are aimed singles with no rapid fire. I was kinda bummed with that because any 'ol pump can do what he was using it for. I wanted to see him lay the smack down with rapid fire Benelli goodness! :D


Anyway, aside from the guns and bad dialog, the visuals are great--some truly beautiful and stunning scenery, and true to Mann's work, a there is a definite mood. I want to see it again, and I can't wait for the DVD.

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I had great hopes for this film, but found myself nodding off during the middle.




Too few action scenes. "Love" scenes that seemed to be "pasted" into the plot. A story that stretched credibility (ie: a helicopter over an ambush point close enough to identify snipers, but not noticed by the "bad guys"? Hmmmm.) And most important: NOT ENOUGH BENELLI!!


I predict that this film will go to DVD very soon and there won't be a sequel.

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