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Light mount on a stock tactical Super Nova?


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If one were to buy the Super Nova tactical version (like a #20160), where are you supposed to put a light which is probably the most common Home Defense accessory? The Mag tube is too short to put a mount there. You can put a Mesa Tactical rail on top but is the top a good place for light like a TLR-4 which has a laser too? Is there another way without putting on a mag-tube extender?

Details: I already have a Super Nova field version #20115. Stock, its 28". I have a Carlsons 18.5" barrel, a Carlsons mag-tube extender, a Mesa Tactical tri-rail that goes on the mag-tube and the TLR-4 light. So I can go back and forth between a 28" outdoor setup and an 18.5" HD/tactical setup. The thing I don't like, is that once you start using the mag-tube extender, the spring comes out every time you want to change the barrel or remove for cleaning. So I am think about getting the Super Nova tactical as a dedicated HD setup so I don't have to go back and forth.  Unless I am missing something, I would have the same problems with tactical version. I'd have to use the mag-tube extender to create a place to put the light and then I am back to the spring hassle thing.

Another difference between the 20160 and the 20115, is the 20160 is not threaded for different chokes. I have this cool extended tactical choke for my 20115 but I wouldn't be able to use it on the 20160 unless I swap the stock barrel for the Carlson barrel. That would be OK since I already have that extra barrel but I have this sense that the action doesn't work as well with the aftermarket barrel. The pump jams up a little when you go to eject.

20115 is threaded for chokes but not for receiver-top rail

20160 is threaded for the rail but not for chokes

Makes me want to pull my hair out.

You'd think when Benelli creates a version called tactical, they'd supply it with a way to mount a light without having to add a mag-tube.

Maybe top mounting a light is OK? Seems like it would get in the way of the sites.

I know there's lots of other choices out there. Mossbergs have room in front of the fore-end to mount a light. Some versions of the M2 have an extended Mag tube with room for a mount. I'd rather stay with Benelli and I'd rather stay with a pump-tactical for HD for  the simplicity.

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