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Why did i go?


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Yesterday i went with a friend to what i would consider a very well organized shooting range in Batesville Indiana, Tri County Coon Hunters. It was old guy day with 25 or so shooting trap and skeet. Both my friend and i have been practing at my place but no where the level these guys were. 

I left my gun home and glad i did, my Russian side by side would of looked way out classed.They had their guns all lined up in a rack and i quickly saw these guys were very serious about shooting.

I grew up on a large farm so i always had a gun i could go rabbit or occasionally bird hunting with but never had the time or money to really get a nice gun.

Fast foward to me now 61 years old retired and the urge is sparking to explore clay busting. I have been researching anything i can find to read.

I have found a Super Sport that has the performance shop upgrades for $ 2150.00 that feels like a good fit. Just am curious if i am moving in the right direction?

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So i took my side by side to the club and shot a round of skeet,hit a few  but missed alot. I had a bit of information overload which added to the nervousness but i expected that as this was my first trip to a club. 

What i did do was to look up Buds Gun Store that i have seen discussed and to my surprise it is a hour and half drive to get there. Had to go see of course. I spoke to Jack and warned him i was comming. What a gun store. Jack took extra time with me in the shotgun room to explain fitting a gun and went over alot of other helpful tips, he is a pro shooter. 

It is like stepping into a toronado when looking at these fine guns. I know most use the over and unders but for some reason i am leaning towards a automatic. I have owned a 870 and a 1100 and liked them.


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