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  1. Sorry for all the silly questions. I am a retired fleet mechanic and all these small screws had me sweating it a bit. Everything came apart sweet and after fiddling with the center screws the slide is working with the screws finger tight now. It does sit in there nice. I am trying to locate a recoil tube before i start locktighting everything down.
  2. I just re readread the instructions and the C screws are 7 inch
  3. Thanks M2 and SD for that. Doing it now and got to that part and i got no slide. Glad i checked things before i went ahead and torqued down the B screws, nothing said about these being finger tight or less. Instructions says your torq is 15. Do you trust going 15 inch on the C screws and are the RMO to mount screws already tight. MY RMO and mount was in shrink rap and put together when i opened the box. Scared to death to mess this this up.
  4. Recieved the mount and RMO today. Any tips for mounting would be appreciated.
  5. I just hit the button, the SYNC/01 is in stock.
  6. whatscooking

    TLR 2 HLG

    I am looking to light up my M4. I do not see the TLR mentioned here as a alternative light. Why wouldn't it be a great way to get alot of light and the green laser is strong even in daylight.
  7. Anyway Socomguy shipped my tube and got it here really fast even with the holiday going on. I did the install following tips i read on here. Was a little unnerving heating things up but it unscrewed in short order and went together smoothly. Thanks Joe for a great product and helping.
  8. I have a tube comming from Joe for my M4 after the positive comments here. A shotgun shuch as the M4 seemed to me to be a good candidate for more rounds. Now I have the urge to increase the capacity of another shotgun i recently purchased. I endened up with a Beretta A400 parallel target after reading Beretta's description of how your eye was positioned looking down the rib, wrong wrong it was not. I did the shims up to 65 and still no go. I ended up finding a fellow that sanded the stock down, way down and now i have a shotgun I like, hence the urge to spend a little more. Sure Cycle has tubes for the A400 al the way up to 6 extra rounds. I have been using the A400 for skeet and trap which there is no need for the extra rounds. Still i like the idea of the extra rounds for other chores around my place. Is this a bad idea?
  9. Got a call late yesterday,almost didn't answer it as my phone said restricted. Voise said your Benelli is in. Gaught me off guard. I put money down the first of July and was told six months, so January is what i thought. Christmas in August.
  10. So i took my side by side to the club and shot a round of skeet,hit a few but missed alot. I had a bit of information overload which added to the nervousness but i expected that as this was my first trip to a club. What i did do was to look up Buds Gun Store that i have seen discussed and to my surprise it is a hour and half drive to get there. Had to go see of course. I spoke to Jack and warned him i was comming. What a gun store. Jack took extra time with me in the shotgun room to explain fitting a gun and went over alot of other helpful tips, he is a pro shooter. It is like stepping into a toronado when looking at these fine guns. I know most use the over and unders but for some reason i am leaning towards a automatic. I have owned a 870 and a 1100 and liked them.
  11. When i put my order in around July 4 i was told six months.
  12. Have decided to go again with my friend tomorrow as a guest and take along my trusted side by side and see how i do. The way i have practiced at home has been more like skeet shooting.
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