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WTB or trade FOR Benelli M4 fixed / field / synthetic stock. (Non-collapsible, non-pistol grip. Part 81041)


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I recently acquired my first shotgun; a Benelli M4.

Unfortunately my state's laws only allow for a magazine capacity greater than 5 with a fixed, non-pistol grip stock.

My M4 has a pistol grip, which I have opted to forego to obtain greater capacity. In order to remain in compliance I need to have the "M4 12ga. Stock, Black Synthetic", model / part number 81041, (SKU/UPC: 650350810417) as shown here:


I am aware of 922(r) compliance and have configured the firearm to conform to it. The only remaining part I need for a functional firearm is the stock.

If you have one which you are willing to sell / trade / donate, please respond here, or contact me directly.

I have signed up for the backorder and in stock notification for numerous sites, and have a few resources that are available, but at a premium. I have periodically lurked in this forum for years now reading posts, and figured I would engage in the community and see if there was an opportunity with a member here before purchasing one retail.

One final thought is I was curious if anyone was aware of any fixed, non-pistol grip stocks with a shorter length of pull. The only aftermarket ones I've seen have the grip, and/or a collapsible stock. (For example, the Mesa Tactical Urbino.) I saw the other thread modifying the factory stock, and may go that route, but figured I'd ask prior to doing any garage-gunsmithing, even if it is just shortening the plastic stock length of pull. If anyone has any suggestions or information regarding that, I would appreciate it.

Thanks in advance, and have a great day! :)

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I have one used but not used if u know what i mean probably 4 years ago i was in same situation. Bought one on ebay and had one on backorder they both came in.

The guy on ebay i got it from took it off for a pustol grip or colapsable stock.

110.00 shipping included.

I will throw in an fft 2 rd extension tube with spring for 50 more never used.

Let me know

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