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  1. I have one used but not used if u know what i mean probably 4 years ago i was in same situation. Bought one on ebay and had one on backorder they both came in. The guy on ebay i got it from took it off for a pustol grip or colapsable stock. 110.00 shipping included. I will throw in an fft 2 rd extension tube with spring for 50 more never used. Let me know
  2. Got a cabelas flyer today, low and behold benelli m1 super 90 1899.00, the picture shows collapsable stock. I thought that with collapsable stock batf says has too many " bad" parts. Are m4's with collapsable stock and oem trigger, hammer, and disconnector now legal????? Or does cabelas have wrong picture?? Thks.
  3. fwiw I had trouble with the FFT set. not saying anything bad about FFT at all I have some of their other offerings and they are great.. it just did not work in my m4. look up benelli hammer issue on youtube 1 min video. I went with a breily hand fitted set bout 3.5# pull, more expensive. but would have had to replace trigger group parts as well as new trigger set. very happy with briely. and now compliant. your individulal trigger group geometry could cause an issue like mine did.
  4. hi all selling an fft steel 2 round ext tube brand new never saw the range and m4 field stock. purchased on e bay years ago ended up with 2. if I recall it was removed for collapsible stock. was mounted on my gun once. both sitting in boxes in basement. don't want to split up. selling both for $170.00 I pay ups shipping lower 48 PM me thanks
  5. sounds like what is called a "nylock" nut, a type of self locking nut . without seeing it from your explaination. google nylock see if it is the same. get a new one. nylon insert not replaceable. nylon insert locks nut on instead of lock washer, star washer etc. some cheaper self locking nuts are slightly egg shaped if it was still a little tight going on you might be ok. nylocks should turn on and off stiffly not able to turn on by hand
  6. buy a new one benelli has 4 in stock
  7. I have one casually selling. 120.00 you pay shipping. A while ago put one on back order and bid on one on ebay ended up with two. Let me know pm me
  8. does anyone know if the new 11023 bolt handle and release will fit the m4. and is it available for purchase?? has anyone handles the 11023 and if so what is opinion of bolt handle/knob and bolt release. carrier comp has no idea when they will be producing bolt knobs i was told to check back email every couple months. the m2 3gun knob and release might be a nice substitute for the m4
  9. 9/23 5:20 EST benelli 80401 field stock M4 in stock at MGW midwest gun works . com 150.00 sorry 81041
  10. a while ago i contacted lymann about their foster slug mold ( wanting to reload my own slug shotshells [factory more that a buck a piece]) and what type of choke to use. lyman stated "Nothing tighter than improved cylinder for the choke" i put a benelli improved cylinder in mine. 2.5" groups at 100yrds. federal trueball 2 3/4
  11. M4's in stock at gander mountain 6/12/13 5:00pm 1799
  12. glad it only took a few weeks for you to get your stock. i am waiting patiently hopefully it will be soon.
  13. just got off phone with benelli usa. i have had 81041 on special order since dec with local dealer. benelli said small order comming in "in transit" could be 40 could be 200. the number of backorders far exceeds the number comming in, in this shipment. backorders being authorized dealers "brick and morter" "local dealer". "will be filled according to when ordered" "well over a year estimated to fill those backorders". "nothing going to brownells, MGW etc. until all backorders filled". "benelli italy well aware of situation regarding new restrictions in some states". just thought you'd like to know. cust service rep basically said we have been begging italy to fill the current orders for more than 2000 units. "no comment on benelli leaving maryland"
  14. if you are looking for AR-15 10round mags sig sauer mag-556-10-m 29.99 http://www.calegalmags.com/Sig-Sauer-10rd-AR-15-223556-Magazine-DH_p_957.html
  15. called "lyman" about their slug mould that makes a smooth foster hollow base slug 475gr. inquired about the choke that should be used with this slug. joseph angelo from lyman stated nothing tighter than improved cylinder for this slug. rifled slugs might be able to pass through a modified choke, and apparently have as other forum members have shot 1000's of slugs through their m4 modified chokes. could it be modified for rifled, and improved cyl for smooth foster slugs???
  16. sorry cant make it bigger from pg 63. ghost ring dots are horizontal centerline of ghost ring. however, image shows front sight guard blades alinging with rear ghost ring dots. is that what you see??? when the shotgun is mounted that is not the image i see. [ATTACH=CONFIG]2055[/ATTACH]
  17. just a question about ghost ring sight picture. reference TM 10698A-10/1 USMC tech. manual M1014 combat shotgun page 64 figure 46. is that the sight picture you see on your M4 ????? i understand the top of front blade centered vertically and horizontally in the rear ghost ring. fig 46 shows the front sight guards intersecting the the dots on either side of the rear ghost ring.??????? my eyesight must be getting really bad.!!!
  18. for sale FFT +2 rd. steel ext tube for M4. tube is unused never installed in original box from FFT only removed and heavily lubed. stamped "made in usa" "recoup my actual cost". certified check or money order only. unless close enough to pick up. PM or email nethinim
  19. hi x tropper just ordered some fed trueball and some LR trueball, (and some fed 00 buck "loaded to LE specs" 175 rds for $130) according to cabelas. about cheep range ammo, i guess the best question is what i cant/should not shoot through the M4 with the standard choke. steel????? i have seen some cheaper stuff that was #7 1/2 and #8 is that ok. i also read somewhere someone was using #4 for HD?? as i read on this forum i plan to run the first 100 rds of slugs and 00 through before the cheaper stuff thanks
  20. hi xtrooper looks like a burris fastfire on the rail, i have them on my both my ar-15's with the XTR-14, and was thinking about adding one to my new M4 but thought the profile on the fastfire might be too low. how do you like it what is youe opinion????
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