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  1. Yeah, if the SJW could give it a break, that would be nice.
  2. where's the eye roll emoji?
  3. I'm not sure what the issue is. If the OP didn't want some feedback, then what was the point of the post in the first place? Dude gave him his thoughts and everyone is offended he didn't like it? It's the internet in 2018 if what other people say to you on a public forum offends you maybe the internet isn't for you.
  4. If he sells it on ebay he wont get his obscene price. He's hoping someone causally stumbles upon it here that has no idea what they originally sold for, but just knows it's out of stock absolutely everywhere and will dive on the price.
  5. That makes me want to build a competition trigger group.
  6. Good luck. They have been out of production for years.
  7. If I hadn't just put a ScalarWorks T1 mount on mine, I would be all over this. Seriously impressive fit and finish from ScalarWorks. Hope you find a buyer soon. This deal is too good to pass up.
  8. I had the same issue. The spring is too weak to fire. Trigger felt great, but zero function. Stick with the OEM spring, it will break in.
  9. I'm in for a curved trigger for my M4. Bruce does great work, but I don't subscribe to the whole straight trigger craze. Yes, I have some. Yes, in some applications, they are beneficial. A combat shotgun is not one of those applications.
  10. Looks like some hot garbage to me. Reminds me of terrible ATI furniture from a few years ago. Looks like they're attempting to cut costs for production.
  11. https://www.botach.com/kley-zion-benelli-m4-ergonomic-3x-oversized-charging-handle This is what is currently on my M4. The only complaint I could possibly have with it is I dislike the finish. It gives me that extra something to grab onto for those quick charges. I haven't had it for very long, but it seems legit so far. It's the same design as the OEM, just a larger handle to grab. At some point, I'll probably get it cerakoted and really love it. I find it odd that I haven't found this mentioned on the forum before, but maybe I found an unknown product? If so, there's my mini 100 round review. As far as the one being produced, I think the more simple it is, the better the overall product will be. Just my .02.
  12. I wouldn't over think it or over design it. The CC one worked because it was simple, robust, and functional. Stick with that and they'll sell. If I wanted something over-designed and engineered I would have some other crap already. Stick to Occam's razor, and everyone should be pleased.
  13. Earlier you were absolutely saying it was because of a titanium magazine tube. Being an aircraft mechanic, there are very good reasons aircraft engineers use titanium in high heat areas due to it's resistance to extreme heat. So six shots will cause enough heat in the magazine tube to cause it expand enough to excuse a 12 MOA shift? I get it, you're no longer claiming that, but that is the most ridiculous thing I've found on the internet this week. Not trying to hijack your thread. Good luck with your accuracy issues, I hope you get that sorted out. I'm done here.
  14. Lol and that was because of a titanium magazine tube? Not a chance. Sounds more like the nonmechanical portion of the firing cycle to me. Will POI shift with firing and the gun heating up? Absolutely. But you're telling me that's exaggerated beyond a negligible degree by the material of a magazine tube? Not buying it, but whatever helps you sleep at night.
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