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  1. Got mine today, and I don't care what color it is. I do agree slightly longer would be great, but I still dig it. I also have the GGG release. Overall I love it and it's staying on.
  2. got mine ordered. just happened to get the email at the right time. thanks
  3. I think you would get the most response from a carrier comp clone. I know that's what I'd most like to have.
  4. I have 4 buddies that have bought the clones, and I've had the real deal for 6 years or so. I shot one of the Panzers side by side with my M4 and the Panzer had a distinct stronger recoil than my M4 with the same ammo. He's already fed about 100 rounds of 00 buck and it hasn't missed a beat.
  5. whats the part number on that 5 position tube? the 3 positions are going for a $800 plus on gb
  6. I dont think you're going to have much luck of finding someone who has that stock wanting to get rid of it. I know I wouldn't unless I was selling the gun, and then it would go with it. Maybe I'm wrong and I hope I am.
  7. sniiped

    My M4 Build

    clean setup. you have me reconsidering changing out the trigger and trigger guard on mine. i'm thinking a shit-kicker setup and a competition setup.
  8. I read through all 8 pages of the ar15 thread. Those guys are loving their clones. They're quickly figuring out what parts work and what alternatives to Benelli parts there are available. I watched part of the video that was posted here, and what I saw was a guy who ran 5 rounds of high brass through his clone for break in, then tried to run low brass target loads through it and it wasn't cycling correctly. Maybe there's more to it, but if these things need a break in with high brass rounds, I'm fairly certain it means more than 5 of them. There's one guy claiming to have 500 rounds of high brass through his without a single malfunction. It'll be interesting to see if he can cycle some target loads now. Whoever determined that these Turkish clones are POS's seemingly did it off of a sample of one that had a questionable break in from some random "expert" from the internet, but what do I know? I'm just a guy on the internet.
  9. So in other news, one of my buddies got out with his Panzer M4. He ran 50 rounds of 00buck and it ran flawlessly and smoothly. He's impressed and loves it already. He plans to do another 50 of 00buck and then start trying some lighter stuff just to ensure it's broken and give it the best chance of reliable cycling. He's really happy so far.
  10. You will have to, at a minimum, change out the buffer tube to a Benelli one. Panzer attaches the stock completely differently from the m4
  11. Two of my buddy's have these. I've gotten hands on with one of them. Many benelli parts are compatible. For $550 it's a hell of a deal, the fit and finish isn't as good as benelli's but it's damn close.
  12. does the agency work with the carrier comp ti tube?
  13. i saw that one, was hoping for one with the rail covers too. could be a pipe dream
  14. anyone have or know of a M80 looking for a new home?
  15. i tried searching the one on ebay and no joy. did the auction end?
  16. Yeah, if the SJW could give it a break, that would be nice.
  17. where's the eye roll emoji?
  18. I'm not sure what the issue is. If the OP didn't want some feedback, then what was the point of the post in the first place? Dude gave him his thoughts and everyone is offended he didn't like it? It's the internet in 2018 if what other people say to you on a public forum offends you maybe the internet isn't for you.
  19. If he sells it on ebay he wont get his obscene price. He's hoping someone causally stumbles upon it here that has no idea what they originally sold for, but just knows it's out of stock absolutely everywhere and will dive on the price.
  20. That makes me want to build a competition trigger group.
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