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Franchi Affinity 3 Fail to Eject/Jam

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So my Affinity 3 (was bought in December of last year) is failing to eject a spent shell, causing it to get stuck in the ejection port and cause a double feed. I keep my guns cleaned and oiled, was shooting a Stoeger 2000 before and never had an issue. Same lube and cleaning regimen. The Affinity has jammed with Winchester Super X 3in steel #3s, Super X 2.75 lead #4s, Kent Fasteel 2.0 3in #2s, Boss 2.75in #5s, Federal Target loads, and Winchester Target loads. I talked to customer service and they’re shipping a shell stop/release out, but I was looking for guidance on how to replace that part and why it’s causing an issue? Thank you for any input. 

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Your Carrier Latch is out of spec and is allowing multiple shells to be released from the magazine.  If Benelli is sending you a new one just PM me, I will walk you through the needed steps to replace this part. Not difficult, you will need a few tools and the knowledge to reset your new one correctly and seat the carrier latch pin correctly. I have seen this on one Affinity previously.

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