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B&T Rail System for Benelli M4 ??


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Anyone have hands on experience with this rail system ? Pros/Cons ?


I spoke to Surefire today about their rail system and all I was able to get is they have designated it the M80 Rail . The bad news is its not even in production yet !! :mad:


Here's a link to the B&T :









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People report that it isn't very good. They said the holes on the bottom of the handguard allow gas to vent out the bottom and get all over your hands.

They said it added a lot of weight to the weapon also.

Maintaining a zero was hit or miss since the only thing keeping the rail on is the receiver extension and the barrel extension.

Now, if they lost the bottom vent holes, replaced the top rail so it mounted to the top of the receiver as well as being held in place by the receiver/barrel extensions (the thing that holds the stock handguards in place.)

Then they'd have a winner. Switching to a lighter material would be even better, similar to the PRI carbon fiber forend with metal rail points.

Not to mention its price is steep for what you get.


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Originally posted by The_Gun_Guy:

Search the web for more dealers, is all I can advise. If your no good at searching the web than give your zip code and ill give you a list of five star dealers in your location.

Cant find a dealer with a B&T rail system


I sent you an IM with my zip



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Originally posted by The_Gun_Guy:

I don't know what they have been smoking. I have an M1 and the rails are perfect they hold everything perfeclty sturdy and I have never gotten gas leaks on me from it thats just weird.


rails are a good accesory

The M1 doesn't employ a gas operation. Hence, you normally wouldn't experience a gas leak. Different story w/ the M4S90. I've read a report from someone who actually dropped $$$ for it & they were non-plussed for the aformentioned reasons.


It's your money, but I'd either go w/ the Sidearmor rail, or wait for Surefire to release theirs.

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